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"a highly distinctive style"
"calming and centered collection of compositions."

“Really beautiful from deep ambient to ambient Americana...intense but contemplative intuitive interplay…” 
“pastoral acoustic bliss.”
-  John Diliberto, Echoes Radio (NPR,Public Radio International) 

“It’s that sensation of awe-inspired tranquility that guides the music on this disc, one of distant horizons and airy, windswept melodies. The duo harness a palette of sounds that are refreshingly organic in this age of industrialization.”
- Downbeat (4 STARS - named one of the "Best of 2017")

"...puts together the unlikely combination of jazz, folk, ambient, and space music... the results are full of subtle beauty and unsuspected depths."
- The Brooklyn Rail

"Endless Field gives new meaning to the term “genre-resistant music.” It is at once ambient music, jazz music, pop music, and yet to call it any one of these things alone would fail to capture the breadth of this group. Guitarist Jesse Lewis and bassist Ike Sturm have crafted a musical dimension all their own. It is simple and complex, accessible and challenging, anthemic and introverted...Listening to its self-titled debut album is a 45-minute journey to another world."
- Zeal NYC



8.16.19-8.30.19 LIVE ALBUM recording in the wilderness

Escalante, UTAH

10.3.19-10.4.19 Endless Field - Artist in Residence UNC Ahsville + Stay tuned for more North Carolina Tour Dates

11.18.19-11.21.19 Endless Field - Louisiana Tour - Dates to be announced

12.6.19 Endless Field Presents - LIVING EARTH 2019 A Benefit concert for the Natural Resources Defense Council - NYC



Photos by Christopher Georgia in Acadia National Park




Endless Field is a collaborative instrumental guitar and bass duo featuring guitarist Jesse Lewis and bassist Ike Sturm.  We play original songs filled with intricate finger-style lines, improvisation and ambient textures.  We combine the dramatically different styles that have inspired us with the hope of giving voice to a new and compelling sound.

Nature inspires us.  We journey into the wilderness to create more space in our lives and to reflect on our experience.  This process has challenged us to respond in a way that has pushed us musically.  In sharing our music with others, we hope audiences will listen more deeply and explore their own frontiers.

Our album was recently released on Biophilia Records.  Biophilia is a new and innovative record company that features artists who are united by a common interest in the environment and our communities.  All of the artists regularly collaborate with organizations that specialize in conservation, sustainability and outreach initiatives.  

We formed our band after more than a decade of working together in New York City.  During this time we have played alongside some incredible  musicians that have deeply affected our sound.   We’re thrilled that our album includes Ingrid Jensen, Fabian Almazan, Chris Dingman, Rich Stein, Misty Ann Sturm, Nadje Noordhuis and Grammy-winning saxophonist Donny McCaslin.



For booking inquiries, please contact: booking@endlessfieldband.com


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